Why I Feminist


What are traditional roles for women? I think nothing embodies the most conservative and traditional values men and women hold better than this recent post. I would link to the original site but the thought of helping them generate traffic would make me sick, so I shamelessly copied and pasted here:Boobs

So what is a woman’s traditional role? Paul Marciano of Guess Jeans  describes how he wants to “bring back what was lost”:

Women are treated with great respect, but it is assumed they know their place, which is supportive, and their function, decorative


Summer Social Networking-Induced Depression













I feel weird saying this because I am engaged and spend most of my time with a fiance that I love very much. I haven’t been able to spend as much time with my friends as I would have liked to.
However, I am not exaggerating when I say, every single day this summer, I have gotten a barrage of notifications (photos, blogs, videos, status updates) of all the things my nearby friends and neighbors are doing without me. If I effing get one more notification from a neighbor ‘friend’ saying: “here’s to the best summer ever!”, or “that party we had with all our friends was so fun! Here are a bunch of unsubtle self portraits I took at that party that validate my persona” I am going to let someone have it. It is plain rude and insensitive to announce to the world things and activities you are doing with people you didn’t, but could have, invited. I understand social networking is a relatively new medium of communication, but I think the same rules apply; as in, I hate you more every time you do this.
I realize I am over reacting (a LOT), but if you think there isn’t an ounce of truth to anything that I’m saying, than please just unfriend me and save yourself the awkwardness of me posting something scathing and rude on your Facebook wall.

Facebook censors which friends you see

I just discovered that Facebook filters which friends you get feed from and won’t show you any status updates from anyone else. So even if you add a friend or like a new news feed, it won’t show it to you if its views are too dissimilar from yours or if you don’t generally click those kinds of things.

I’m using the phone app Seesmic which gives you the raw unprocessed feed of status updates from ALL of your friends’ and subscriptions and I’m seeing updates from friends I never thought even used Facebook; apparently use it all the time. Google does this now too and won’t show you sites and places it feels you won’t like or agree with.

  1. this automated system is guaranteed to be flawed, which to me makes this kind of censorship much worse than the ‘human censorship’ of nudity in popular films which make people so upset.
  2. something seems fundamentally wrong with only wanting to be surrounded with viewpoints that validate and agree with you

Am I crazy or does this bother anyone else?

Here’s a short but powerful Ted talk I found on the issue:

More info about this filter bubble HERE

I Can’t Stand a Zealot

I am so sick of hearing these fights between atheists and religious folk. Both sides are incredibly misguided by a lust to be right above all else and to ‘pwn someone’ into submission with self-righteous sophistry. I have to say though, this argument pretty much sums up my disgust toward religious zealots trying to think logically:


Even the dumbest christian knows water doesn't disappear after you drink it.



Please, stop. You are sounding like a complete idiot and I can just see the smug look on whoever’s face you’re trying to ‘pwn’; proving to them once again that anyone with spiritual beliefs is too dumb to think things through.

Stop forcing your beliefs on others.

Fickle definitions of ‘Manly’


Many of us have grown up with ideas of what to see as ‘manly’. Whether by religion, political party, culture or personal convictions many of us have come to feel comfortable with some definition of what it means to be a man. Though there may be some similarities many males share, in my personal experience these are usually regional differences and as soon as you travel to a land who’s culture is disconnected from your own, you’ll find few concepts you consider masculine to be viewed in the same way.

I remember growing up in Mexico, all the macho tough kids would put their arms around each other while they walked around – flaunting their man-power as a show of camaraderie and brotherhood. When I moved to Detroit, I put my arm around my buddy Matt and was quickly pushed away and called a queer.

Feminist and Gender Parity Films

Big list of feminist documentaries and film. This also includes documentaries about masculinity and gender parity.Tennis rock!

Last March my girlfriend and I struggled to find good documentaries on feminist and gender issues but were unable to find any. After much search and even some illegal downloading I was able to find a nice list. I will continue to add to this list as I find more.

Last Modified 3/17/2012


Films with female protagonist tackling feminist issues

  • Persepolis
  • Monster
  • Thelma and Louise
  • A League of Their Own
  • Frida
  • The Color Purple
  • Sita Sings the Blues
  • Iron Jawed Angels (the only suffrage film I’ve ever been able to find. Highlighting Alice Paul’s contributions)
* marks the docs made by the Media Education Foundation. As you can see, the docs I’ve been able to find have mostly been limited to MEF which may be unpopular among pro-porn feminists. Funny though, in my experience, its usually pro-porn feminist boys that dislike MEF documentaries.

This will be a post I plan on maintaining for a long time. Please send me any suggestions of documentaries about feminist/gender issues as well as any notable films directed by women. Even more important (to me) than the latter are films which feature positive female protagonists who deal with these issues (ie Persepolis and A League of Their Own).