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Why I Feminist

  What are traditional roles for women? I think nothing embodies the most conservative and traditional values men and women hold better than this recent post. I would link to the original site but the thought of helping them generate traffic would make me sick, so I shamelessly copied and pasted here: So what is […]

Summer Social Networking-Induced Depression

                      I feel weird saying this because I am engaged and spend most of my time with a fiance that I love very much. I haven’t been able to spend as much time with my friends as I would have liked to. However, I am […]

Facebook censors which friends you see

I just discovered that Facebook filters which friends you get feed from and won’t show you any status updates from anyone else. So even if you add a friend or like a new news feed, it won’t show it to you if its views are too dissimilar from yours or if you don’t generally click […]

I Can’t Stand a Zealot

I am so sick of hearing these fights between atheists and religious folk. Both sides are incredibly misguided by a lust to be right above all else and to ‘pwn someone’ into submission with self-righteous sophistry. I have to say though, this argument pretty much sums up my disgust toward religious zealots trying to think […]

Fickle definitions of ‘Manly’

  Many of us have grown up with ideas of what to see as ‘manly’. Whether by religion, political party, culture or personal convictions many of us have come to feel comfortable with some definition of what it means to be a man. Though there may be some similarities many males share, in my personal […]

Feminist and Gender Parity Films

Big list of feminist documentaries and film. This also includes documentaries about masculinity and gender parity. Last March my girlfriend and I struggled to find good documentaries on feminist and gender issues but were unable to find any. After much search and even some illegal downloading I was able to find a nice list. I […]