Summer Social Networking-Induced Depression













I feel weird saying this because I am engaged and spend most of my time with a fiance that I love very much. I haven’t been able to spend as much time with my friends as I would have liked to.
However, I am not exaggerating when I say, every single day this summer, I have gotten a barrage of notifications (photos, blogs, videos, status updates) of all the things my nearby friends and neighbors are doing without me. If I effing get one more notification from a neighbor ‘friend’ saying: “here’s to the best summer ever!”, or “that party we had with all our friends was so fun! Here are a bunch of unsubtle self portraits I took at that party that validate my persona” I am going to let someone have it. It is plain rude and insensitive to announce to the world things and activities you are doing with people you didn’t, but could have, invited. I understand social networking is a relatively new medium of communication, but I think the same rules apply; as in, I hate you more every time you do this.
I realize I am over reacting (a LOT), but if you think there isn’t an ounce of truth to anything that I’m saying, than please just unfriend me and save yourself the awkwardness of me posting something scathing and rude on your Facebook wall.