Facebook censors which friends you see

I just discovered that Facebook filters which friends you get feed from and won’t show you any status updates from anyone else. So even if you add a friend or like a new news feed, it won’t show it to you if its views are too dissimilar from yours or if you don’t generally click those kinds of things.

I’m using the phone app Seesmic which gives you the raw unprocessed feed of status updates from ALL of your friends’ and subscriptions and I’m seeing updates from friends I never thought even used Facebook; apparently use it all the time. Google does this now too and won’t show you sites and places it feels you won’t like or agree with.

  1. this automated system is guaranteed to be flawed, which to me makes this kind of censorship much worse than the ‘human censorship’ of nudity in popular films which make people so upset.
  2. something seems fundamentally wrong with only wanting to be surrounded with viewpoints that validate and agree with you

Am I crazy or does this bother anyone else?

Here’s a short but powerful Ted talk I found on the issue:

More info about this filter bubble HERE